Mitochondrial regulation of T cell function

Previous studies led by Dr. Ron-Harel found that T cell activation induces a previously uncharacterized program of mitochondrial biogenesis and protein remodeling that is critical for T cell activation and effector function. Our group focuses on discovering novel metabolic drivers and regulators of T cell function, focusing on the role of mitochondria.

Immune aging

Life expectancy has dramatically increased over the last century. Unfortunately, for many people, extended life span leads to longer suffering from age related diseases and it is a crucial challenge to find new mechanisms to increase healthspan in the elderly. Aging negatively affects almost every system in our body, and many age-related diseases share common molecular foundations. The immune system protects the host against intruders; however, it also plays a crucial, everyday role in identifying and responding to deviations from homeostasis or tissue damage. Our research aims at uncovering new metabolic-dependent mechanisms to rejuvenate immune functions in aged individuals to simultaneously target multiple age-related pathologies.